AHC’s investment strategy is focused on multifamily properties in select markets across the U.S. We seek to purchase properties significantly below replacement cost, articulate and implement a tailored business plan, and ultimately harvest the value created through disposition or recapitalization of the acquired assets. Holding periods for investments are typically three to five years.

Targeted Markets

AHC carefully selects target markets and sub-markets based on economic and demographic data and projections.

  • A focus on Class B multifamily in select growth markets across the U.S.
  • Sub-markets with strong public schools, convenient to public transport, road networks, retail and recreational facilities
  • Locations within close proximity to desirable employment
  • Well-located properties with barriers to entry



Investment Source Channels

AHC utilizes its extensive network of contacts within the selected sub-markets to find deals that align with its investment strategy.

  • Commercial brokers
  • Lender relationships
  • Industry contacts

Screening Criteria

AHC has specific criteria that must be met before the firm proceeds with the investment in order to ensure competitive advantage for the property.

  • Well-located properties without barriers to entry
  • Good prospects for rent growth due to favorable demand drivers, remedying deferred maintenance and/or poor management
  • Operating or structural complexities that reduce competition from other buyers
  • Strategic sellers

Underwriting Process

AHC utilizes third-party inspections and reviews, a comprehensive walk-through and inspection, and a careful review of leases and financial statements.

  • Neighborhood/trade area demographic analysis
  • Sophisticated pro forma financial analysis using industry-standard software and AHC proprietary models
  • Expert property condition inspections
  • Comprehensive and detailed tenant interviews
  • Capital structure optimization analysis
Our proven investment process minimizes risk and maximizes return through careful selection and flawless execution.